About the Game

Anzumani's Arising - The FREE Adventure Game

Anzumani's Arising was a project that I stared way, way back in 1996! Obviously I have not been working on it all that time. It was among the cherished bytes of very old code that I happened to move from old computer to new computer, each time I upgraded, and one day (quite recently) I came across it.

When I managed to re-install Turbo Pascal again (not easy on Windows XP), load the game and correct the first error message, I was hooked on not only fixing it, but finishing it!

So here we are in 2012 and I am releasing an old style "tile-based" Adventure game. Many of you may not know that these tile-based adventure games were extremely popular in the late 80's and early 90's (until a little game called MYST, came about, but that's another story).

I was an avid fan and player of those games back then. At the time there was no other King of those games (litterally) than Lord British (AKA Richard Garriott), with his Ultima Series. I happen to owe that man for a wonderful childhood filled with amazing adventures, bad mages, evil skulls, demons "gating in" and good Avatars. A friend and I actually spent weeks playing his games.

While Anzumani's Arising cannot hope to compare to the level of worldy thoroughness and vast complexity of a Lord British style of game, it does hold up fairly well. It poses some new concepts, has a strong element of pure fun, and hopefully packs a satisfying punch to the bad guy in the end.

For those that care, this version of the game was entirely re-written from the old Turbo Pascal into VB6.

I hope you enjoy it.