Frequently Asked Questions

Anzumani's Arising - The FREE Adventure Game

Q. What Previous Game?
A. The previous game was called the Scroll of Axioms. Sadly this game no longer exists in any playable format. It was coded on a Tandy 1000 when I was in High School; somewhere around the misty dawn of time (LOL!). This game (Anzumani's Arising) was always intended to be the sequel to that game. In the Scroll of Axioms, you claimed the Sword of Axioms, and you defeated the evil witch Lilith with it, rescueing the Scroll of Axioms and returning it to the king. With Lilith dead, it is her skull that spawns a new demon, Anzumani, and sparks off the action for this game.

Q. UGH! Do I NEED to answer EVERY SINGLE Question?
A. Nope. The game can be completed without answering all of the questions. In fact, you won't need to answer very many of them at all to complete the game. Instead, I would suggest you look for questions that lead to items or ladders and only answer the other questions if you need money or vials.

Q. I am REALLY stuck, can you help?
A. Nope. I would suggest you search the net for clues.

Q. Why is the fire only animated on the Adept (blue) level? Is this a bug?
A.No, it is not a bug. It was always my intention to animate the fire on all levels, but this presented problems, back then and even now, that I cannot solve. I will leave that to the sequel to this game, if there ever is one...

Q. When dealing with the Red, Blue and Yellow button panels is there any logical way to determine which button to press?
A. Nope. I would suggest you use the "Quick Save" feature (F5 key) each time you encounter buttons.

Q. Where is the Walk-through?
A. Up to one of you to write one, send it to me @ (Email), and I'll chop it all up and post it to this web site with your name in big yellow letters on it. I would warn you to be thorough and include screenshots or I'll probably reject it.

Q. Why release this old-style game now? Who's going to bother to play it?
A. I realize that my target audience is males in their late thirties to early forties that have played these types of games before. I am ok with the idea that it will not appeal to everyone. I think it could still appeal to a certain type of modern game player (it's still a fun adventure!) and it's something I did in my spare time, for fun. I'm also not asking any money for it, I just want whomever plays it to enjoy it.

Q. Why is it Free?
A. Why shouldn't it be? To be honest, I just get a kick knowing someone played it and someone liked it. I'm not all about the cash. I'm smart enough to know that I have a certain level of talent, but that I'm not going to write the next big game. So why not have fun? And write a few small ones that are killer games that people like and give them away free. Is that so wrong?

Q. Have you written any other games?
A. Yup. Check out In Cubation.

Q. I found a bug in your game, who do I report it to?
A. Me. Get a screenshot (ALT+Print Scrn) of the error and tell me what you tried to do in the game. I will do my best to help. See my Email Address below.

Q. I played your game and liked it, how do I contact you?
A. Use this link to my email address: Email

Q. So, will there be a sequel?
A. I won't say never, but...maybe.

Q. Why do I love cheese (and bacon) so much?
A. Many people love cheese (and bacon). There is nothing wrong with you. Go play my game and stop asking me dumb questions.

Q. Are there any Easter Eggs in your game?
A. Not really, no. But for those with an attention to detail, there are maybe two locations (and the mazes are large) that could prove very useful to the player within the game. These locations are nothing special and not overtly obvious. You just have to keep playing, is all I will say for now. And, no, I'm not giving you any friggin' clues at all, so don't even bother asking, besides, telling would ruin the surprise now wouldn't it?